Founded by business and Brand Alchemist, Phil Strachan, Strangebrew is in the business of adding real value to and creating real advantage for Businesses and Brands of all shapes and sizes.  This is achieved by helping them with matters relating to Branding, Identity, Creativity, Innovation and Graphic Design. Clients benefit from Phil’s unusual blend of 14 years hands-on Marketing experience on the Client side with over 20 years on the Consultancy side and his approach is to help his Clients to ’Think Brand – not bland’ in order to differentiate their offering and make them stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons.


NEP “NEP is a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), established to support the creation of better quality private sector jobs for Northamptonshire”


The ConversationalCRM is a complete CRM, it includes all you need to make your sales and marketing work better with a clearly defined, conversation-centric process

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A team of accounting experts who ensure that new startups are compliant with the highest professional standards of accounting and reporting across Europe